Cattlemen, Hunters and Farmers: Tara Forage Soybeans Are For You!

Forage for domestic animals and wildlife: Tara Forage Soybeans are the earliest maturing of the forage soybeans on the market suitable for cattle forage production, Whitetail deer forage and conventional agriculture. Tara Forage Soybeans provide abundant forage during the summer months, and very respectable grain yields to enhance the protein content of the forage crop as well as a great winter food source for Whitetail deer during the harshest of winter months.

Whitetail Hunters take note: Tara Forage Soybeans’ upright growth habit allows for cowpeas and other vining annuals to climb and vine up the beans, thus providing additional nutritional summer forage for Whitetail deer while allowing Tara Forage Soybeans to produce mature pods for winter feeding sources of soybeans for Whitetail deer. Tara Forage Soybeans Indeterminate growth habit allows for sustained plant growth throughout summer months to ensure enhanced browsing tolerance.

Grow anywhere: Tara Forage Soybean are the most widely geographically adapted Forage Soybeans on the market, suitable for growing throughout the upper Mid-South, Midwest and many parts of the Northern United States.

Abundant Forage:

  • Highly Drought Tolerant
  • Grows up to 6 feet tall
  • Produce 21.6 tons fresh forage per acre




Lots of Protein:

  • Highest seed protein content 43.3% of any of the Forage Soybeans on the market
  • Leaf Crude Protein content of 28.1% at full bloom
  • Pod Crude Protein Content of 23.1%

Superior forage for cattle farmers to cut as silage, haylage or graze in a paddock style system or forage for whitetail deer.


Abundant pods for protein rich seeds to nourish whitetail deer during winter months.